H&M store in center city

Here are  links to two mentions of the new H&M store in online press stories. It seems like part of the historic art deco McClatchy building is barricaded for the renovation right across from the Tower Theater.


Soon you will be able to consume your “Fast Fashion” and  then treat yourself to a Vietnamese hoagie or a whole meal at Little Saigon, or go above H-Mart and find an entire asian food tour from Korean bulgogi to sushi to Chinese noodles in a mini-mall. If you feel more like a taqueria-style Mexican­ joint, go around the corner to Sabor Latin (33 Garret Road) or Don Memo (57 Garret Road). There are more places to explore within a short walk, so discover some yourself and report back!

To make it a complete night you might take in  a concert at the Tower Theater. This is all within a few blocks and When you’re done you can hop on a subway or trolley to go home.

Personally, I can walk home, but you may not live that close. Too bad!


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  1. How to apply for this job

    • admin says:

      Florita, I think last week they put up signs for interviews. Go to the corner of 69th right across from the terminal and check the windows.

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